Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

There is no big mystery to managed services. It is simply an agreement between the IT house/consultant and the customer to maintain, optimize and forecast usability and suitability of their IT resources and/or other processes and/or resources to a determined level of usability. It's been around for years--it use to be called taking care of your customers! There is no perfect method or process managed service. The definition of managed service must really come from client.

Standard within our Managed Services Package:

Network Monitoring, router & firewall updates
Server and workstation monitoring
Server & workstation patching and service pack application
Protection from viruses, spam & spyware
Monitored/verified backup, on or off site
Help Desk Support
Procurement of new hardware/software
Account Management

Features of Managed Services


Before Managed Services


After Managed Services


 Service Delivery  Reactive, driven by IT failure  Proactive, addresses issues prior to failure
 Service Cost  High, hourly rates, unpredictable  Predictable, addresses issues prior to failure
 Accountability  Best effort basis by AIT  AIT commits to specific SLA
 Relationship  Hourly work and project driven  AIT becomes "Virtual CIO", win/win partnership.

Resulting Benefits

  • Increased employee productivity due to proactive support.
  • Predictable monthly costs make budgeting easy and eliminate high spikes in IT service costs.
  • A clearly defined service level agreement eliminates concern about what outcome the IT service provider will actually deliver. 
  • The relationship delivers a “Virtual CIO” to the client, enabling them to focus on their core business with confidence their IT needs are being managed.
  • Reduced risk about IT availability provides peace of mind to the client.