AIT Partners with Ring Central

AIT introduces Ring Central as their new VOIP Solutions partner.


VoIP Phone Service

You can rely on high-quality phone service anywhere you have Internet access.

VoIP Phone Service

Feature benefits:

How VoIP works and why you’re going to love it

  • Your RingCentral VoIP phone system is an Internet-based voice, text and fax platform you can customize, without requiring on-premise PBX hardware.
  • You get free call management software, with a user-friendly web interface empowering you with crisp voice, fax, and robust features.
  • Managing your team and multiple locations is simple, with profiles you create online for departments, employees, remote workers.
  • Call handling rules make it easy to route calls according to hours of operation, department responsibilities, events, worker schedules, Caller ID and other vital criteria.

Professional communications, customized to your business needs

  • Your business-class, Polycom and Cisco phones arrive Plug & Ring® ready, with no set up or activation fees.
  • Download the RingCentral Mobile App and use your smartphones and tablets for calls, fax, professional texting, notifications and more.
  • Your system includes the RingCentral Softphone, so you can make and receive calls right from your computer with a headset.
  • You can use your existing analog desk phones by connecting them with a Linksys Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and use any SIP-compatible device.