AIT in the CLOUD!


American IT Solutions announced plans today to implement a new backup & Sync service for their customers. This AIT Cloud service offering will allow customers to store all of their files with "In The Cloud Access" Files can be accessed from Anywhere At Anytime and from Any Device. Our Professional Cloud Storage is Simple, Fast and Unlimited. AIT Cloud will automatically backup the documents, photos, music and videos.

Some of the core features will include...

Sync all your files across your computers and devices 

  • Automatically sync files across computers.
  • With AIT Cloud, you decide which files and folders you want to sync and where you want to sync them.

AIT Cloud works in the background so your most important data is always backed up and available to you. You can start editing a file on your office PC and finish it on your laptop at home.

 Browse, backup and sync, all from your mobile device

  • AIT Cloud's online control panel allows you to access all of your backed up and synced files from any device with an internet connection anywhere in the world.
  • You can access your files from Tablets, PC's, Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops at anytime, from any location. AIT Cloud completely eliminates the need for flash drives or other storage devices.

Share files and folders anytime, anywhere

  • AIT Cloud gives you the option to share your files and folders between friends and family. You can invite them by email, Facebook, Twitter or giving them your own custom link.

  • AIT Cloud makes file collaboration easy and gives you the option of conveniently sharing large files between users.

Your files are our top priority, it's security you can count on

  • AIT Cloud takes the safety and security of your files very seriously, your data is constantly encrypted using a 256 bit secured socket layer encryption.
  • Throughout all stages of file transfer your files are extremely secure and are stored in our high tech cloud data centers provided by "Google Cloud Storage" that are monitored 24 hours a day.

AIT plans to release the New AIT Cloud service by June 1st, 2013.