Digital Marketing Specialists (2) - Entry Level - Right to Hire after 6-9 months

My client is looking for 2 Digital Marketing Specialists in the Hartford, CT area.

The eBusiness group is requesting to expand the organization an additional two roles (Digital Marketing Specialists) to meet the demands that portfolio programs are having on a customer’s digital experience, as well as, drive the division’s charter to become a digital center of excellence. 

These two entry level roles to the organization will own large portions of the operational efforts of our customer portal, to free up critical capacity for domain owners who will be impacted for a long period of time given the nature of the enterprise investments into affordability, engagement, and transparency.


  • Ensuring that digital experience commitment does not falter, demands ongoing attention to its operations to ensure a positive customer experiences are being actively managed in both tactical and strategic roadmaps. 
  • Operations of portal entail voice of customer analysis, defect triaging, reporting/trending to business partners, competitive intelligence/benchmarking, business acceptance testing, and production roll out governance.  
  • The Digital Marketing Specialist role is directly responsible for supporting the strategic needs of the business lead that owns the thought leadership and strategic direction of how digital communication occurs to our customers for benefit and coverage information, as well as, the ways in which we engage our customers and guide them toward healthier lifestyle.
  • The Digital Marketing Specialist will report directly to the eBusiness director, with a dotted line to product managers who can provide day to day guidance and professional development/growth.

 The specialist role will: 

  1. Review and Synthesize direct voice of customer feedback made available through our web analytics, and be asked to draw out themes in the analysis and suggest recommendations.
  2. Actively work with IT partners to triage issues within these domains, drive organizational business awareness, and ensure the customer issues are resolved in accordance with their expectations
  3. Be available for periodic late night releases that ensure a quality delivery based upon the businesses expectations of test cases they’ve reviewed in web development environments
  4. Works directly with the eBusiness organization analytics team to gather standardized reporting for their inclusion into internal decks/reports that present customer voice and enable strategic business decisions
  5. Be responsible for the analysis, and be able to produce, customized web reporting requests that come from internal business leaders
  6. Gathers primary digital research (digital reviews of competitor websites) for the strategic leads of the manage my health and coverage’s area of portal
  7. Supports the strategic leads for the manage my health and coverage’s domain with the materials necessary to provide monthly readouts for key business partners

 Proficient/Needs In 

  • Navigating the web, its common technologies, and modern web browsers
  • MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, MS Outlook
  • Not Needed but a plus – WebTrends, Google Analytics, Google Alerts 
Mike Dolan
American IT Solutions, Inc.
Phone: (917) 832-1576
Alt. phone: 917-636-8976