Linux Kernel Engineer (Debugging, tuning, kernel)

Title: Linux Kernel Engineer

Location: New York, NY
Pay Rate: Negotiable. Client wants to know current compensation and desired compensation (minimum base salary or hourly rate if applicable).

My client is designing and implementing standardized computational and distribution resources throughout its infrastructure, centered on Linux based platforms. Such deployment encompasses not only the core data centers, but throughout the company’s global customer enterprise.

The role of the Linux Engineer will be to maintain knowledge current Linux development, and maintain and create a limited number of company standard Linux distributions in support of company's applications and products. The role will help further refine interfaces for applications to deploy to the Linux platforms, and for these applications to be monitored and configured. The role also requires coordination with application groups to optimize application efficiencies, performance and throughput (e.g. tuning).

- Core understanding of Linux offerings
- Contributor (Developer) to Linux Open Source
- Familiar with Linux Open Source licensing
- Expert in Linux software packaging
- Expert in Linux configuration and configuration management
- Systems level architect for distributed systems, and deployment to unmanned facilities (lights-out)
- Management and monitoring
- Performance tuning (e.g. scheduler, interrupts, memory, i/o)
- Debugging skills at the kernel and network level

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